* World Health Organization 2022

  • 6 billion of World’s population does not have cogent medical history.

  • Managed medical history can prevent 70% of fatalities

  • Illiteracy a major cause for many diseases and deaths

The Good Health

Gives people access to entire spectrum of Health Care

  • Emergency to well being

  • Therapy to alternative medicine

  • Disease management to assisted living

  • Surgery to post care

  • Diagnosis to cure

  • Appointments to second opinion

  • Local to international consultation

  • Analysis to comparative treatment

  • In time to in need

  • AI based prediction and statistics

  • Self help to similar condition meetings

  • Pharma to grocery

  • Wearable to volunteers

  • Medical tourism to effective treatment

  • Online to face to face

  • Online meeting to tutorials


Pain Points it Solves

  • No continuous, cogent, logical, Medical record keeping with updated with growing research

  • Quacks, fake medicines, non prescribed diagnosis, no knowledge of side effects

  • No comparative analysis between cases

  • No volunteers, no resource pool or help

  • No MRP selling, No prescription

  • No Knowledge base about disease or condition or abut prevention

  • No medicine & cure statistics & side effects based on conditions

  • No collaborative treatment

  • Doctors/Patients are not able to get treatment stats across worlds in need.

  • Treatment without understanding economic angle of patient

  • NO AI BASED system which can talk on behalf of patients friends, doctors, paramedics, shop when the patient is sick

Digital Health Book

  • To record your examination
  • Investigation
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy
  • Complaints
  • Counselling
  • Procedures
  • Medication, Prescription, Transaction
  • Prediction, Prevention, Comparison
  • Analytics from millions of members
  • Medical professional needs
  • Profiling your health
  • Risk alert, Drug alert, Health alert
Digital Bio Twin

Create Your Health Avtar

Digital Bio Twin

  • Avtar can explain your problems to doctors when you are sick

  • Avtar can ask or remind other

  • Avtar can call many people at once for help and network for you

  • Avtar can buy reorder for you

  • Avtar can converse and answer for you

  • Avtar can alert and answer during emergency

Our Solution

Health Intelligence
at your ease
  • Records your problem using voice and any language.

  • Understands handwriting diagnosis prescriptions.

  • Understands pictures of your body parts, body movements, eye movements and also for allergy or any other cause.

  • Can read XRAY, ECG, USG, CT/MRI, BP, Blood Sugar, Heartbeat based on context

  • Can transact your prescription safely

  • Provides advice to doctors and patients and researchers on latest treatments and conditions based on cause and effect.

  • With one button secure authorization share this with your doctors, emergency, pharma....

  • Invite your parents, sibling’s and see hereditary effects, historical implications.

Health Intelligence
research and deep learning
  • Trillions of health and treatment analytics is now possible at a click of a button.

  • Pharma and usage and effects analytics.

  • Treatment and procedural analytics

  • Cause and effect with comparative analytics

  • Health Improvement analysis

  • Worse, Better and best procedure inference

  • With one button secure authorization share this with your doctors, emergency, pharma....

  • Creating a digital twin of the patient’s condition.

Health Communication

Health Communication

  • Allow remote doctors to examine you via video audio, restricted video calls (Face hidden for example)
  • Get safe second opinion.
  • Ability to see your live health status by IOT
  • Can interface into National Health Records database on conditions
  • Retrieve or delete your information any time you want from other’s device
  • Patient can speak in Arabic Dr. can hear in German. Complete language freedom
  • Chat
  • Video / Audio Call
  • Conference
  • Paid Conference
  • Free Conference
  • Group Meeting
  • Inter Group Meeting
  • Community Consulting
  • Community Screening
  • Digital Workshops
  • White Boarding Facility
  • Emergency Calling
  • Health Materials and Library
  • Broadcast and Multi-Cast Calling
  • Real Time Data Collection

Health Accounts

  • Keeps your health expenditure book.

  • Tracks your insurance

  • Advices on benefits

  • Can alert you on best deals

  • Buy directly from app

  • Prescriptions are digitally transacted with digital certificate

  • Financial support and aid

  • Resources available abroad

Health Accounts


Patients can state their condition and behavior and generate immediate analytics

Use Cases
Detected a fall

Calling Emergency/ Caregivers immediately with the patient's location and medical history.

Use Cases
Use Cases
I have leg pain

Please mark those place where you have pain and mention if the pain is Burning, Itching, Muscle Pain, Nervous Pain, Pulling Pain, Tingling

Use Cases
Use Cases
I need help

The Good Health will now conference relatives and/or family Doctors immediately.

Use Cases
Use Cases
My child’s hand shows such a rash, what can this be.

Bases on image and opinion this is 80% best match for herpes simples. Click her to answer the questions to narrow down.

Use Cases
Use Cases
I have prescribed abraxene, what is the percentage of people using this medicine?

The medicine Abraxence, prescribed by your Doctor is used by 78.9% breast cancer patients. Based on our data collection.

Use Cases
Use Cases
Read my ECG, Doctor advised a Bypass surgery, I need second opinion ASAP.

The Good Health is engaging Dr. RYAN from Munich to examine your ECG and he will give his second opinion immediately over a call within 2 Hours.

Use Cases
Data Analytics

Good Health For All

  • Farmer
  • Flower vendor
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Children
  • Pregnant mother
  • Medical professionals
  • For Everybody
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Trillions of Reports, Statistics and Analytics in seconds (Deep Learning)
  • Create your own research reports

  • Get billions of statistics in seconds

  • Allow the system to learn from data

  • Create intelligent curves for cure and medication

  • Discover unknown diseases

  • Discover Drug Statistics

  • Create prediction charts

  • Discover prevention data

  • Time Travel and see your future and past

Patients can do Data Analytics

  • Historical data
  • Family data
  • Invited groups
  • Patients and Doctors groups
  • Treatment / Trial groups
  • World wide groups
  • Pharma and Doctors group
  • Legal and insurance group
  • Nation wide groups
  • Similar treatment groups
  • Variable treatment Groups
  • Many more
Patients Data Analytics
Medical Professional

Medical Professional
Can do Analytics

  • Personally examined data
  • Hospital / Hospitals data
  • Group of doctors
  • Patients and Doctors groups
  • Group for a ailment
  • Global / Geographical groups
  • Pharma and Doctors group
  • Legal and insurance group
  • Nation wide groups
  • Similar treatment groups
  • Variable treatment groups
  • Ask a question to a group of doctors

Alert based on
Analytics / Intelligence

  • On a specific allergy
  • On a specific drug
  • On a specific medication
  • On an Epidemic
  • On a dosage for an ailment
  • Request an answer from community
  • On pollution for asthma patients
  • Advice to travellers on specific geography
  • On medical Insurance
  • On infections
  • Narrate experience
  • Provide questionnaire
  • On Side effects of specific drug
  • Emergency help to a community
  • Availability of drugs across the globe
Analytics Intelligence
Social Health

Social Health

  • Get help for cancer patients
  • Support in getting food
  • Support in getting transportation
  • Support in Counselling
  • Literature for reading
  • Supplements for patients
  • Support machines for patients
  • Community counselling, lawyers, accountants
  • Pain management, anxiety management
  • Personal activity help like groceries, laundry
  • Emergency help calendar management
  • Patient care volunteers
  • Alerts and announcements on todo and not todo
  • Social private chat system
  • Social AID and financial network

During Clinical Meeting

  • Device can record conversation
  • Device can record Dr Agenda
  • Understand patient agenda
  • Understand and illustrate medical angle
  • Understand and illustrate patients angle
  • Entire online meeting recorded
  • Enter offline meeting recorded
  • Understanding social issues
  • Comparative study with other cases
  • Interact with similar patients
  • Understand addiction issues
  • Understand allergy issues
During Clinical Meeting
Health Management

Health Management

  • Bio-implant management
  • Electronic implant management
  • Instrument management
  • Diet/Physical management
  • Data Sharing management
  • Meeting management
  • Addiction management
  • Travel and resource management
  • Time and Task management
  • Manage my management
  • Symptoms management
  • Treatment history

Health Care

Pain Points

  • Do you record your history of your complaints, therapy, investigation, examination and medication?

  • Do you know the relationship between your medication history and your current condition?

  • Can you compare your health condition, medication’s statistics with people across the world and see the impacts?

  • Can you get multiple second opinion quickly?

  • Can you predict your future health condition?

  • Can some one assist you all the time in preventive health care?

  • Can you connect too many people at once when there is an emergency?

  • Can your doctor understand your social condition before advising you on procedures?

  • Can you find people with similar conditions like you without disclosing your personal information?

  • Can you manage your implants and monitors

  • When you are sick, Do have a friend who can help you in social causes and constantly looks for help and resources 24*7?

  • When you are sick, do you have a friend who networks for you to solve your problems?

  • Do you know the first aid procedures when you find your Friend is in medical emergency?

  • Do you know the first aid procedures when you are in Medical emergency?

  • Can you quickly connect to a community having similar problems WITH statistical data and analytics?

  • When your doctor is not available can you find a Doctor to help you immediately?

  • When you are out of your place and you get sick, can you find doctor immediately?

  • Do have a social group who can help you when are surprised with a medical condition?

  • In a touch of button can you got (such as) Oxygen cylinder.. So on so forth?

  • Can you have group of Doctors and Medicos attending your condition with collaborative discussions?

  • Do you have an instant resource pool which you can access immediately? (eg: wheelchair)

  • Can you get referral for your health care, socio medical, Medico legal, hospital, transport, needs immediately?

  • Can you seek donation or financial aid or resources or volunteers from the people with similar intent?

  • When you are in an emergency in an unknown place with no friends, can you get people to attend you?